Hi, I’m Ciaran. Fellow sufferer and on a mission to try to get as close to the bottom of the tinnitus conundrum as I possiblly can. There’s a huge amount of noise out there and I want to present a no fluff, straight talking guide that I hope will help you to get relief. Tinnitus cannot be cured but it can be managed and it’s these management techniquest that I wish to focus on through blog posts and later on, podcasts. 

I don’t claim to know it all, I am not a doctor but what I am is passionate enough to dedicate myself to this. I hope to post 2 blog posts per week and a blog series ever now and again. I hope to roll out podcasts in the new year so check back!

There is relief out there, tried and trusted remedies (not these quick fix ‘cures’) that do work. Some of what I present will need an open mind, but all of what I present is either from personal experience, experience from my dad (who has the worst tinnitus of anyone I know, so he’s my guinea pig!) or what has been proven to be of help to other sufferers.

I love hearing from visitors to my site, so email me and let me know at what stage your tinnitus is at and what are your biggest challenges? I’m here to help you.